Aether Light

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Aether Light V3

Our first product, with more modules to come!

Ather Light is a modular light and power system packed with features such as low-battery notifications to speed based brightness and more! The Aether Light is designed to work flawlessly without the app, and even better with it. We are launching a kickstarter soon, so sign up below to be notified of the launch!


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Aether Light Render

Aether Light


This brick has one bright white led and four red leds, and features a polymer body with a touch sensative aluminum face plate

Battery Brick Render

Battery Brick


A robust, rechargeable battery to power your light and/or charge your phone with the 1,100 mAH battery

Charger Brick Render

Charger Brick


Use this brick to charge the battery, power your light, or charge your phone all in 1. Featuring USB-C, the brick can handle power in and out at the same time!



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