Tiny House
This is my Tiny House.
Skylight, with the supermoon
Skylight, with the Supermoon.
View of the house from the loft.
View of the house from the loft.
Fish eye view of the loft.
The loft, with a skylight and a window; both open and close.
This is my lightswitch in the bathroom. I may remove it if to many girls find it offensive.
This is my shower, it's made out of metal roofing that I bent. the shower is heated by an instant propan heater that is on the outside of the house.
This picture is looking from the office into the bathroom, with the "door" open.
The door way into the bathroom temporarily has a green shower curtain as the door.
This is the view from the window seat.
This is also the view from the window seat, but it shows the lights that are under the desktop.
I have a fridge in my tiny house. The "thing" on the front is a cool bracelet I made, you can find it here. There is a fridge lock on top of the fridge that can be found here.
Some of the art I have in the tiny house is handmade, by me. This particular piece is a train carved into a carpenters pencil. This train is modelled after a simple bullet train design.
This is my other train carved into a carpenters pencil. This one is modeled after a classic steam engine train.
This is one of my favorite art pieces in my tiny house. I did not make it; I got it at MakerFair 2016, it was made by a really cool lego CNC router.
This is my wall of handmade art. The top one is a fully functioning batarang that I cut with a plasma cutter, sharpened, and then painted.
This is the view from my desk, you can see the ladder that goes up into the loft.