Pictures of me traveling

Railay beach
Smog in China
The Terracota Warriors
Cool stamps that they carve
The wall around Xian in China
Funny sign at night bar in China
Long tail boat ride to Railay beach
Moving docks that are like legos
First day in Thailand, relaxing on the beach
Small storm going back to Krabi
Rain covers on Longtail
Dried Squid
The next day the princess closed Hong Islands
Hong Island
Hong Island
Monitor Lizard
Cotton candy machine
Assortment of Kebabs
Jeremy the cat
Interesting hotel name
Massive temple ate the base of the mountain
View from the top of Tiger temple
Massive Buddha
Cute monkey
A lot of steps
Water pouring out of the base of the mountain
Another temple
Secluded lagoon, great hike in
View of Railay from the viewpoint
Horse shoe crabs
Product of a 5 hour cooking class
The shirt is so the elephants would like us
Took a shower in a waterfall
Royal temple in Bangkok
Longest painting in the world, in the royal temple
End of the good weather at Koh Phi Phi
End of the huge storm, going back to krabi from Koh Phi Phi
The road to the airport flooded so we had to take a water taxi in the middle of the night.
When we got to the "dock" some lady almost fell through